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Cinema Perdu returns with his third album for Moving Furniture Records Vlakverdeling.
He further explores the human impact on the landscape, as he did on previous albums Interventions in a landscape and Amsterdam CS.


During my regular trips to the Dutch province of Friesland I became more and more aware of the strict demarcations in the Dutch landscape. Each time I travelled up and down the polder, the atmosphere of the landscape changed. These changes of atmosphere where not only influenced by natural phenomena like the weather and light but even much so through human presence reflected in the clear lines which define the landscape. While listening to the field recordings I made on various occasions and at various locations, the sounds started to translate into their own abstract form of the landscape. While transforming these abstract forms and colours into new sounds, a new imaginary landscape appeared in my mind, translated into a new composition: Vlakverdeling


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Cinema Perdu

Cinema Perdu is the Utrecht based project of Martijn Pieck. “Soundtracks without movies” is how Martijn Pieck sees this project.

With his fascination for (urban) found sounds he works with field recordings as starting point for his compositions. With all kind of manipulations and additions from other sound sources like synthesizers and contact-microphone recordings he recreates the feeling of a place during a certain time, sometimes more factual, sometimes more storytelling.

Besides his solo project Cinema Perdu, Martijn Pieck is also involved in the [law rah] collective and Woodbender. Occasionally he composes music for theater and performance art.

Cinema Perdu - Vlakverdeling
Moving Music: Sounds from the Rocking Chair
Cinema Perdu Amsterdam CS

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