Cinema Perdu – Interventions In A Landscape

Today we present the new album by Cinema Perdu – Interventions In A Landscape on limited CD in A5 artwork by Zeno van den Broek, and download.

Interventions In A Landscape

The four tracks on “Interventions in a landscape” give a voice to the coastal landscape where human intervention is evident. The intervention creates a certain strengthening of contrasts, for instance at the Leihoek between the ever moving sea and the silent firm dyke. Though, at the coastline the weather, the sounds, the light and even the smell are always playing an important role on how someone experiences the coastal landscape. Therefore the tracks do not only reflect on the places mentioned, but also a specific moment in time of being there. The music takes you on a reflective journey along these places where the human impact on our surroundings is directly evident by creating an atmosphere in which you can place yourself, without ever been to these four specific places.

The album is now available as CD and download via our bandcamp store here:

Cinema Perdu

“Soundtracks without movies” is how Martijn Pieck sees his project Cinema Perdu. In this project he works with field recordings as starting point for his compositions. With all kind of manipulations and additions from other sound sources like synthesizers and contact-microphone recordings he recreates the feeling of a place during a certain time, sometimes more factual, sometimes more storytelling. Aside from working as Cinema Perdu Martijn Pieck is co-composer in the [law-rah] collective next to Bauke van der Wal since 2008 and together with Jon Unger formed Woodbender.
His work is also found in various multi-displinary art-forms


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