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Eventless Plot – Memory Loss

Eventless Plot is with their new album Memory Loss presents their first work for Moving Furniture Records. Memory Loss  is released on CD mastered by Yiannis Tsirikoglou and comes in […]More info


Scanner & Modelbau – Loess

Loess is the first collaboration by Scanner & Modelbau. Created by sending physical cassette tapes with recordings over to each other through the post. A surprising work with a lush […]More info


Nils Quak – Ichi-Go Ichi-E

Nils Quak was one of the first to respond when Eliane Tapes was announced to record music. His work Ichi-Go Ichi-E is inspired by and dedicated to the work of […]More info


Calineczka – ADWOS​/​ABWOS

The Polish drone master Calinezcka joins Eliane Tapes to pay tribute to the work of Eliane Radigue with his work ADWOS/ABWOS.  Eliane Tapes is a series of music dedicated to […]More info


This Is Release MFR100

This Is Release MFR100 - A suicide prevention fundraiser. Our 100th release is a special one, where 50 of our musicians, and one guest go together as duos (and one trio) to record 25 works...

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Anne Lockwood & Maze – Bayou-Borne / Jitterbug

With Bayou-Borne / Jittgerbug the Amsterdam based MAZE presents the first recordings of the new composition Bayou-Borne, for Pauline, and Jitterbug by composer Annea Lockwood.  Bayou-Borne / Jitterbug is released on CD mastered by Jos...

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Kaori Suzuki – Music For Modified Melodica

Kaori Suzuki presents Music for Modified Melodica. A work for meldica played with foot bellows to enable to create loud sustained sounds. A durational work of psychoacoustic effects, which rewards endurance with transcendence.

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soccer Committee – soccer Committee

soccer Committee released her beautiful debut in 2005 as a very limited CD-R, and now for the first time it is widely available as an extended version with two remixes by Machinefabriek and Wouter van...

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Orphax – Less Is More

In August 2021 Moving Furniture Records curated a music program accompanying the minimal art exhibition 'Less is More', presented by Polderlicht at Factor-IJ, Amsterdam. On this occasion the Orphax performance was recorded live. This CD...

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