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After Interventions In A Landscape Cinema Perdu returns with a new work Amsterdam CS. For this album he reworked field-recordings made at Amsterdam Central Station creating his own cinematic sound world.

Amsterdam CS is released as CD and digital and available from our webshop here:

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam CS consists of various spaces in the station: for example the various roofs, the three tunnels with access to the platforms, the IJ-passage.
Even while everywhere there are similar sounds, like talking people, the announcements, loud headphones, rolling suitcases, cleaning machines, etc. acoustics and dynamics change per space.
This specific acoustics and dynamics are the starting point of the works on this album.

Stop and take some time to listen, in the way of John Cage: all the sounds have their own musical quality.

These tracks or not necessarily about the romance of the trains station and travelling by train.
Neither is it a pure registration of the sounds. It are not literal compositions of the rooms. It is my interpretation of the atmospheres the spaces create with the recorded sounds. I walked around with my recorder in the hand slowly from space to space through Amsterdam CS, sometimes standing still, observing and recording the experiences at this specific moment in time.

Martijn Pieck
Cinema Perdu
February 2018

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