Haarvöl – Ridge Of Humming Spoils

The Portugese trio Haarvöl returns to Moving Furniture Records with the last part in their trilogy. After Bombinate and Peripherad Debris they conclude this journey with Ridge Of Humming Spoils. Ridge Of Humming Spoils Psychoanalysis refers to the frontier as an empty signifier: it embodies an interior and […]

Moving Music: Sounds from the Rocking Chair

Moving Music: Sounds from the Rocking Chair

Moving Music: Sounds From The Rocking ChairA Moving Furniture Records Compilation In December 2019 we had a crowdfunding campaign to support us into the year 2020. For this we asked several of our musicians if they could contribute to this campaign. From this the compilation Moving Music: Sounds […]

Haarvöl – Peripherad Debris

Peripherad debris is the second release of the Haarvöl trilogy started with “Bombinate”. If in Bombinate we announced a sonorous intentionality – bombinate means: make a low, vibrating, humming sound – now, halfway through the tripartite journey, we define a path – peripherad debris means: toward the periphery as […]

Haarvöl – Bombinate

Haarvöl is back with their second album for Moving Furniture Records: Bombinate. This is the first part in a trilogy which will be released over the coming year. Bombinate is released on CD in A5 artwork and digital, and is available in our shop here: https://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/bombinate After releasing Indite […]

Martijn Comes Interrogation of the Crystalline Sublime

Martijn Comes – Interrogation Of The Crystalline Sublime

Interrogation Of The Crystalline Sublime is the first CD by Martijn Comes for Moving Furniture Records. On this double CD you will a one hour drone work by Comes and on the 2nd CD 8 remixes by Scant Intone, Mitchell Akiyama, Zeno van den Broek, Alberto Boccardi, Haarvöl, […]

Haarvöl – Indite

Out now: Haarvöl – Indite Indite by Haarvöl Limited CD in ecopack style artwork. Order your own copy here:  https://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/indite Haarvöl, a collective project based in Portugal with three permanent members, has been active in the field of experimental music since the end of 2012. Haarvöl’s music is […]