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Haarvöl is back with their second album for Moving Furniture Records: Bombinate. This is the first part in a trilogy which will be released over the coming year.

Bombinate is released on CD in A5 artwork and digital, and is available in our shop here:

After releasing Indite at Moving Furniture Records (April of 2015), the first one with MFR but the band’s second album, Haarvöl began a series of conceptual, somehow interconnected projects, restricting the boundaries of the sonic ambience to a very concise one.
This long process gave birth to three albums, each one having a very particular sonic approach but knitted in a personal Haarvöl sound idiosyncrasy, which gives the trilogy a thread that intertwines the whole collection.
Bombinate is the first album of this trilogy to be released at Moving Furniture Records. It represents an evolution in Haarvöl’s sound. The music lives from the subtleties hidden in a powerful but sophisticated mass of sound. The exploration of the dynamics of the sounds evolved to a careful process of composition, giving the music a richness that evokes images, reinforcing the cinematic characteristics explored in the early albums.

Each listener is invited to find the hidden details and create his own personal universe of the music.
Bombinate combines tracks that are between quietude and a more sonic experimentalism towards the exploration of time in music. This appears as a kind of individualized approach to both drone and ambient aesthetics. The balance between both sides is a challenge for the album and a statement from the band.
As in previous albums, Haarvöl explores the relationship with images both at the sonic level and in the references that often came from the visual arts. Here the spectral presence of Bas Jan Ader and Tonino Guerra, among others, can be experienced. Also a note for the participation – again – of the Spanish electro-acoustic composer and field recordings expert Xóan Xil López.
Haarvöl, a collective project based in Portugal with three permanent members, has been active since the end of 2012. Haarvöl’s music has been presented in several spaces as sound installations, audio-visual performances or as a sort of expanded cinema focused on the connection between sounds and images. It is also present as original sound track in videos from visual artists.

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