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The Polish drone master Calinezcka joins Eliane Tapes to pay tribute to the work of Eliane Radigue with his work ADWOS/ABWOS. 

Eliane Tapes is a series of music dedicated to the vast amount of work and the huge influence by Éliane Radigue.
For many musicians working in the field of drone (a term Radigue does not use for her music) and other forms of minimal music someway, known and unknown, the work of Eliane Radigue is an influence on what they are doing. With her work she did so many groundbreaking things that in modern electronic and electro-acoustic music her influence can’t be ignored.
All music in this series is presented as tape releases and downloads. We want to release it on tape because it used to play a major role in Eliane Radigue her early music.


Two one-take miniatures on a Doepfer modular synthesizer, exploring signal of four pariwise-modulating oscillators with various filters.
side A ,,adwos” — April 2019, four oscilltors and five filters,
side B ,,abwos” — September 2018, four oscillators, four filters and a noise generator.
Recorded in Alacant, Spain. Dedicated to Éliane Radigue.
With sincere gratitude for Sietse van Erve, all of his work on this release, this series, and many wonderful drone things.


Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard

In that respect, we don’t hear that many changes in the work of Calineczka, the Polish mathematician residing in Spain and head honcho of Important Drone Records (which currently seems dormant). He calls his pieces one-take miniatures, but at forty-four minutes, these are hardly ‘miniatures’. With such titles as ‘Adows’ and ‘Abwos’, it is hard not to think of radigue, who composed a piece called ‘Adios’. Both pieces use “a Doepfer modular synthesiser, exploring signal of four pairwise-modulating oscillators with various filters, of which the first uses “four oscillators and five filters” and the second “four oscillators, four filters and a noise generator”. This is some classical drone music, just as the doctor prescribes. Long, slow tones go on for a considerable time, but over time, they slowly change, and the end is never like the beginning. By opening more filters or just opening them, Calineczka opens up a whole world of contemplative sounds, going deeper and wider, but it all remains pretty austere. Music to be played at a low volume; at least that works best for me. I am a biased fan, though.

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Calineczka is a Polish mathematician residing in Spain, exploring boundary cases of music since 2014.
Formerly active as drone/noise act Aleph (2002-2007). Runs a cassette label, important drone records.

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