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With his solo release États Intermédiaires Bruno Duplant joins the Eliane Tapes series with a release inspired by and in dedication of Eliane Radigue.

Eliane Tapes is a series of music dedicated to the vast amount of work and the huge influence by Éliane Radigue.
For many musicians working in the field of drone (a term Radigue does not use for her music) and other forms of minimal music someway, known and unknown, the work of Eliane Radigue is an influence on what they are doing. With her work she did so many groundbreaking things that in modern electronic and electro-acoustic music her influence can’t be ignored.
All music in this series is presented as tape releases and downloads. We want to release it on tape because it used to play a major role in Eliane Radigue her early music.

États Intermédiaires

To Eliane Radigue & Agnes Martin.

This is a long piece made with some analogue electronic sounds & percussion in homage to the great humble & discreet pioneer in electronic composition.
This is an homage of her late works from the 70’s as Geelriandre or Arthesis two of my favourite pieces.
Also, this is my personal interpretation of the Bardo Thodol.
As this, the cycle is complete.

— Bruno Duplant —


Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard 

I am not sure, but I am inclined to think that Bruno Duplant (the ever so present…) thought about the notion of ‘what is drone music and how can I make it sound a bit different, before sitting down to compose ‘États Intermédiaires’. He’s inspired by Radigue’s ‘Geelriandre’ and ‘Arthesis’, two pieces he enjoys best, and this is “his interpretation of the Bardo Thodol”. In the two parts of this piece, together some sixty minutes, he works with attack, sustain and decay. I have no idea what kind of instruments he uses, but for all I know, this might be some sort of processed percussion device, which he stretches a bit, and then, following the attack has some sustain, and it dies out. No long-form sounds for Duplant here. Throughout his piece, he has various segments of these attack/decay/sustain sounds, some of which appear closer together at times, more drone-like, if you will. This, too, I think, is very much a piece of music inspired by Eliane Radigue, but not as much her pure long-form drone pieces. Duplant plays some very reflective music that makes you want to be quiet and do nothing. It also seems as if this music slows down time, especially on the even more spacious second side. Slow, majestic tones and likewise slow majestic silences. Of the three new Eliane releases, I thought this was the best, certainly the most surprising one. All three contain slow music for slow days. (FdW)

Cassette tape limited to 100 or digital available from our webshop

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Bruno Duplant

Bruno Duplant is a prolific composer and a musician living in the north of France. He has collaborated with many musicians around the globe and has also made solo works. His recordings have been published by various labels including Elsewhere, Another Timbre, Wandelweiser, Ftarri, B-Boim, Diafani, Notice Recordings, Suppedaneum, Unfathomless, Dinzu Artefacts, Aussenraum, Moving Furniture, Verz, Mappa, Hemisphäreの空虚, Falt, among others.

For Duplant, composing and playing music is similar to imagining, creating, and sometimes decomposing new spaces/realities, and new entities which he calls fictions. But it is also a reflection on memory (memory of things, spaces, and moments) and also on all that is invisible, intangible.

His music, strongly inspired by the writing (Francis Ponge, Gaston Bachelard, Georges Perec, Mallarmé among others) and some artists/musicians/theorists (John Cage, Luc Ferrari, Eliane Radigue, Rolf Julius & Raymond Murray Schafer), is imbued with a sweet melancholy.

His photographic practice and writing (poetry), for some time, join his musical practice, in many crossings, for many exchanges.

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