Dario Calderone returns to the Contemporary Series with a new release Isolario. This time he presents 8 of his own compositions as duos with Tomas Järmyr, Neva Özgen, Barbara Ellison, Andy Moor, Kiay Tabassian, Gareth Davis, Deborah Walker and Botir Dosimbetov.

Isolario is released in the Contemporary Series on vinyl  and digital, mastered by Jos Smolders, and comes in beautiful artwork designed in line with the Contemporary Series by Rutger Zuydervelt with extensive notes and graphic scores by Dario Calderone. 

About Isolario

Isolario is a cycle of 9 duets, which can be performed, or just imagined, by any instrument or voice. The inspiration of these compositions comes from a compilation of texts by medieval writers from the “Arabic” world, describing a special and wonder-full island.

Beyond the fact that these islands really exist, what interests me is the description of the extraordinary, and how the “magical thinking” has shaped the imagination of the medieval navigators, creating recurrent spaces which survived until our contemporary culture. I chose texts that described a behaviour, or a sociological attitude, that could be transposed into a musical context. The scores consist in a textual part and in a visual part; the music resides in the clash between these 2 sorts of material.

The visual part of the scores consist of my versions of pre-existing maps from the medieval Arab and Persian tradition of KMMS. The use of these non-mimetic maps, was certainly not for navigation, as in the case of the modern ones, but they had an iconographic use: they could be defined as carto-ideographs. Therefore, these pictures can be seen not as descriptions of territories but rather as spaces, in a very similar way as graphic scores do not necessarily describe the final auditive result. My versions of these maps insert in the tradition of inexact copies of copies; nevertheless, they have been bonded to my musical necessities, and therefore transformed into musical graphic scores.

Dario Calderone has been supported for these compositions by the Fonds Podiumkunsten, the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunsten, and SENA. 
For more information, and to see the full score, please visit dariocalderone.com/compositions

Dario Calderone: double bass, composition
Tomas Järmir: drums (on track 1)
Neva Özgen: kemençe (on track 2)
Barbara Ellison: electronics (on track 3)
Andy Moor: electric guitar (on track 4)
Kiya Tabassian: setar (on track 5)
Gareth Davis: bass clarinet and electronics (on track 6)
Deborah Walker: cello (on track 7)
Batir Dosimbetov: nay and electronics (on track 8)


Vinyl LP limited to 159 or digital available in our webshop.

This album is not available on streaming services.

Dario Calderone

Dario Calderone studied double bass with Massimo Giorgi, Franco Petracchi and has been one of the few pupils of Stefano Scodanibbio. He is advocating new music since almost 20 years, having performed hundreds of new compositions for solo, chamber music and ensemble in the major festivals of the world.

His most interesting solo projects involve a rendering of the famous Voyage that never ends of Stefano Scodanibbio, Giorgio Netti’s composition UR, 2 riti per contrabbasso, and many compositions written for him by composers such as Peter Ablinger, Peter Adriaansz, Claudio Baroni, Silvia Borzelli, Bernhard Lang, Yannis Kyriakides and Helena Tulve.From 2009 to 2019 has been the bass player of the Nieuw Ensemble in Amsterdam. He is member of Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, Trio Feedback, and of MAZE.
He has recorded a number of CDs for different labels, among which Kairos, HatHut Records, Unsounds, Attacca Records, Moving Furniture Records, Stradivarius and Wergo.

He has been giving masterclasses regularly at the Impuls Academy in Graz, The Luzern Festival Academy, and the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Dario Calderone plays on a Chanot from the beginning of XIX century and on a new 5 string bass by Kanzian&Traunsteiner master Luthiers in Vienna.

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