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Zeno van den Broek returns to Moving Furniture Records with his third album. After “Of What Once Was” as Machinist and “Divergence” he now presents his album Paranon.

Paranon is release on CD and Digital and is available in our webshop here:

Paranon consists of two compositions based on parameter canons of sine wave generators. The canon is a counterpoint-based compositional technique that creates one or more imitations of a musical movement after a given duration.
These imitations replicate the initial movement with transformations of parameters. The custom programmed sine wave generators Zeno van den Broek uses on Paranon make it possible to generate interference, shift phases and alternate frequencies with great precision.
The method of the canon creates tension and unexpected, yet cherished, results between the initial sine wave and the imitations that follow. These two concise compositions delve into the beauty of pure sound and explore the richness of colliding sound waves that create spatial events wherever Paranon is being listened to.

About Zeno van den Broek
Zeno van den Broek is a Dutch-born, Copenhagen-based composer and artist. His work is focused on space, time and physics. Zeno works in a multi-sensory way to research and express various relations between the creation and the perception of physical and intangible forms of art.
Van den Broek utilizes immaterial and temporal means such as sound, acoustics and projections to create site and concept specific works. This trans-disciplinary method has a strong conceptual foundation, which enables Zeno to comprehend and express the richness and complexity of the subjects.
Zeno has developed a distinctive language based on pure sound sources, often sine waves and noise, in relation to minimal visual aesthetics based on lines and grids. With these means he creates site-specific patterns of interference, which fully express the characteristics of the space.

Zeno van den Broek has been commissioned work by Non-Fiction, Gaudeamus Festival and SPOR Festival. He has presented work at various venues and festivals such as Incubate Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, CTM Vorspiel and Gaudeamus Muziekweek.
His work has been presented by among others: Lowlands Festival, LIMA, VPRO Vrije Geluiden, Sedition and TBC, Los Angeles.

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