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During the last Incubate Festival we presented the new album Koura by Tasos Stamou. His performance was a great experience where he played the zither through various effects to create intese droning sounds and noise additions.
Now we also present the album on our site where the first track Zither Drone is in the same vain of his concert.
Together with Chord Organ Drone this completes this 42 minutes intense drone experience.

The album is now available as CD and download via our bandcamp store here:

Track 1: Multitrack recording of sustained tones using a ‘Jubel Töne’ zither and additional live electronic effect processing.
Track 2: Multitrack recording of sustained tones using a ‘Hohner Organetta’ chord organ and additional live electronic effect processing.Both tracks are part of a composition series based on sustained, multilayered recordings of solo acoustic instruments.
The instruments have been performed with extended techniques and additional live electronic “extensions” (looping feedbacks & down-sampling, pitch shifting, reverberation and oscillators).
‘Koura’ is a traditional sheep shearing ceremonial custom, still performed in rural Crete. Every June, local farmers invite a group of close friends and relatives to join this full-day annual festivity dedicated to the sheep.
A major feast in late evening finalizes a hard day of commune work.

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