Preliminary Saturation – You Are The Universe

It was late 2004 when Spanish label CONV released Textures and Mobiles, by Jos Smolders, in a limited run of only 100 CDr’s. This amazing album was based on a limited set of sounds: dtmf and ccitt tones that were generated by telephones and pure sine waves that interfere with each other. It came in like a wrecking ball! For us at least. A couple of years later, at Jos’ birthday party, we used samples of this album in a celebratory live performance. A couple of more years and years later we decided to make a recycle / remix project out of it, processed Jos’ original sounds, added some of our own spices and poured the results into this album.

You Are The Universe is the latest album by Preliminary Saturation, a duo consisting of Steffan de Turck and Wouter Jaspers.

You Are The Universe  is released on CD and digital and available in our webshop here:

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About the musicians

Steffan de Turck is an environmental sound manipulator based in the South of the Netherlands, whose primary instruments include tape decks, contact mics, electronics, and field recordings.
Mostly active under the name staplerfahrer but also (past and present) in collaboration with a.o. Jos Smolders, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Leilani Trowell, Bert Scholten, Michiel Klein and Howard Stelzer.
His recordings have been published by labels including: Dim Records, Vatican Analog, Esc.Rec., Korm Plastics, New York Haunted and Bicephalic Records.

Wouter Jaspers is an auteur of field recordings and synth adventures making use of his busy tour schedule to amass a noise archive where the narrative qualities of sound become catalysts for dark ambient folk chasms and ear splitting adventures.
After years of touring world-wide as an independent artist on the electronic experimental music scene, recording with musical groups, collaborating, and performing under numerous aliases, Wouter Jaspers co-founded the Berlin synthesizer manufacturer KOMA Elektronik in 2011. Jaspers currently serves as it’s CEO and Chief of Design. Together with his colleagues and long term musical partners, Jaspers runs and releases on the AMOK Tapes and Vatican Analog music labels.

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