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On December 8th Orphax had to perform at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. During practicing in the weeks prior to the concert he decided to make one recording and have this released as special CD-R release with the concert.
The result of this recording session you can hear on this CD-R “Under The Dutch Sky”.
The music on this release is 100% improvised and directly put to CD-R without any editing or manipulation of the sound afterwards.

All music was made with a Casio SA-10 Keyboard (tonebank) and Audiomulch.
The piece starts out with a familiar Orphax sound of looped organ sounds, but gradually overtime noisy drones take over creating an omnipresent sound. Unlike on previous releases the sound doesn’t stay 100% static, but a dynamic interwoven piece has formed. One that goes from soothing dreamlike state to nightmarishly haunting.

The CD-R is limited to 25 copies and is available here:

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