With Piano Music by Orphax we present the first 7″ on Moving Furniture Records. On this release you will find two short personal works taking the music by Orphax on a new path.

Piano Music is released as 7″ and digital (with bonus track, also incl. as download with the 7″) and available here:  https://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/piano-music

Listen on Spotify and iTunes

Piano Music is a release with two short tracks which are based on recordings I made at De Ruimte in Amsterdam Noord in Mid and End of Summer 2017.

It is one of my most personal works I have recorded up-to-date. The music on this 7″ is about closure and trying the leave things behind, how difficult this might sometimes be.
It is about making the wrong decisions and regretting those, but also learning to cope with these and the move on.

For Jet.