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Moving Furniture Records is really excited to present the new album 2.20 by Orphax.
Inspired by the work Vice Versa by Eliane Radigue on this album Orphax explores the various possibilities of drone music further.

2.20 is available on CD with download code and digital in our webshop here:

Orphax recorded two works using almost the same setups in the software Audiomulch, except for changing one small setting. The recorded source material was than used as building blocks in Reaper to create two compositions of exactly 20 minutes.
You can play the two compositions separate from each other, but the idea is that you can also create your own mixes. This can be playing the compositions at the exact same time, but also in any other way you seem them fit to mix.
For this purpose the album comes with download code containing the two compositions. Also in the download you will find one bonus mix (created by Orphax with help by Jos Smolders).


About Orphax

Amsterdam based musician and trained drummer Sietse van Erve was introduced to electronic music in the early nineties. After playing around with tracker software for a couple of years, he eventually recorded his first more serious attempts of music with beats and melodies in 1998. Though soon lost interest in both these.
After this he started researching new sounds and new ways of working; always with an organic touch, often incorporating sounds that would be regarded by others as errors or mistakes. This considering life isn’t without errors either. During his search he found his way into drone and microtonal music.
As a result in his most recent work time and spatiality become more important factors. Live this is combined is loads of room for improvisation. This way of working results often in an organic form of drone and minimal music.

Orphax has released over 30 releases, as download, CD-R, Tapes and CD’s since he started working on music. He also contributed to many remix projects including work for Kenneth Kirschner, Martijn Comes, TVO and Chris Dooks, among others.
In the past he has shared the stage with various musicians including Martijn Comes, Jos Smolders, Frans de Waard (Modelbau), Zeno van den Broek, TVO, BJ Nilsen and Edgars Rubenis.

Some musical influences are Eliane Radigue, Phill Niblock, Catherine Christer Hennix and Kassel Jaeger as well as folk and classical music from India and Tibet, mainly throat and overtone singing.

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