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With a lot of excitement Moving Furniture Records is proud to present reissue of the beautiful work Dwaal/Wold by Machinefabriek as Dwaal/Wold + with new versions by Nicola Ratti and Benoît Pioulard.

Dwaal/Wold + is released as CD and digital and available in our webshop here: 

Dauw, the great tape label based in Ghent, invited me in 2015 to do a release for them. This resulted in two 18 minute tracks, ‘Dwaal’ and ‘Wold’. Both are exercises in creating an auditory space or sphere rather than sculpting a structured composition. With its orchestral washes amidst a barrage of radio static and erratic noise, ‘Dwaal’ is the noisy brother of the two. It’s a balancing act or battle perhaps between disruptive tumult and serene calm. On ‘Wold’, with its sparse piano notes spread out over a bed of subtle hiss, the serenity is left largely unadorned. Wind recordings and bird song – the piano as well as the field recordings captured during a holiday in Vriescheloo, (NL) – slowly guide the listener into an hypnotic, dream-like state.

The cassette for Dauw (accompanied by Femke Strijbos’ beautiful artwork) was released in February 2016 and sold out quickly. Moving Furniture Records has decided to re-release it as a cd and download, adding two interpretations to the album, by Benoît Pioulard (whose ‘Sonnet’ was a clear influence gor the album) and Nicola Ratti (another source of inspiration, both solo and with Bellows). The latter strips ‘Dwaal’ down and injects it with wonderful synth sputters, rhythms and bloops. Pioulard’s version of ‘Wold’ features his recreation of the atmosphere of the original using organ and guitar with mesmerizing results.

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