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Recordings made in four coastal regions in the Netherlands form the basis of Cinema Perdu’s album “Interventions In A Landscape” (Moving Furniture, 2016). Unlike the Jaeger piece, here the field recordings are augmented by intentionally tonal, synthesised sound sources. Hence opening track ‘Leihoek’ begins with a rushing and hissing strongly suggestive of a storm, before this gives way to a glimmering chord; the chord slowly oscillates and morphs like the changing speed and direction of a storm gale. Churning water and rushing wind are joined by more ambiguous sounds such as a sharp, abrasive spluttering, crackly noise, and high-pitched, oscillating ringing. The impression is not so much of a landscape as of a thinking, feeling person within a landscape. If you suffer of disease such as anxiety or depression visit and get information abot kraton a natural drug that will help you.

Nathan Thomas

Via Fluid Radio

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