Orphax – Live Circles

With Live Circles Orphax returns to Moving Furniture Records with his new album. Earlier he recorded a work Circles which he released as EP, though now a more developed version comes out as Live Circles. Live Circles has one long track on the album, which is a mix […]

D’Incise – Assemblée, Relâche, Réjouissance, Parade

After one previous solo album and the collaboration with Cyrill Bondi & Cristian Alvear, D’incise returns with a new solo album Assemblée, Relâche, Réjouissance, Parade.  On this new album d’incise presents two new electro-acoustic works, spread over a total of 6 tracks. The first composition takes the traditional French […]

Tapage + Gareth Davis - STATES

Tapage + Gareth Davis – STATES

While both Tapage and Gareth Davis have released their music on Moving Furniture in the past, with STATES, they have joined forces to record a powerful blend of electronic and acoustic harmonics. STATES explores the self-balancing qualities of the live electronics setup developed by Tapage over the course […]

Alvin Curran – Reinier van Houdt – Dead Beats

In 2017 my dear friend Martijn Comes came with the idea to ask Reinier van Houdt to do a release for Moving Furniture Records. After some emails between three of us we decided we would ask Alvin Curran to compose new work and so our first commission project started.  Now 1 1/2 year later we […]

Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi – Terreng

With Terreng the duo of Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi present their first vinyl release. An overwhelming LP by this powerful duo on electronics and drums. A highly dynamic blend of improvisation, and a narrowly constructed electro-acoustic narrative.

Zeno van den Broek – Breach

After Divergence and Paranon we see the return of Zeno van den Broek to Moving Furniture Records with his to date most intense album Breach.  Breach dives into chaotic systems and creates a manifestation of the recent events of protests and riots across the globe. The album and […]

Orphax – Piano Music

With Piano Music by Orphax we present the first 7″ on Moving Furniture Records. On this release you will find two short personal works taking the music by Orphax on a new path. Piano Music is released as 7″ and digital (with bonus track, also incl. as download […]

Alfredo Costa Monteiro – Not Knowing

Not knowing is Alfredo Costa Monteiro his fifth accordion solo and a new challenge for the instrument itself, here treated as an object in space. Whereas in the other recordings the centre of attention was put in materiality, structure or deconstruction, with microphones extremely close to the instrument, […]

Rose & Sandy – Horizontal Alliances, Vertical Conflicts

After a hiatus of 8 years the duo Rose & Sandy is back with a new album: Horizontal Alliances, Vertical Conflicts. Horizontal Alliances, Vertical Conflicts is released on CD and Digital and available in our webshop here: https://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/horizontal-alliances-vertical-conflicts Listen on Spotify, iTunes or Deezer About the album Rose and Sandy is the […]