Moving Furniture Records

Orphax & Kenneth Kirschner – Movement

”Movement” is a work based on various piano sketches by Kenneth, with edits, added synthesizer and organ, and mixed by Orphax. The idea behind the title “Movement” for this work is continuous movement of the music. It is also a reference to classical music, where a composition can be built up from different movements.

Out now on CD, download and streaming

Elif Yalvaç – Vection

Music dedicated to and inspired by Éliane Radigue by UK based Turkish musician/composer Elif Yalvaç

Gareth Davis & Monika Bugajny – Becoming

Gareth Davis returns to Moving Furniture Records with a new work: Becoming. For this new album he teams up with Monika Bugajny. Together they present a mesmerizing ambient drone work. 

Orphax & PONI – Inheritance

Inheritance is the debut collaboration between the two brothers Tjeerd (PONI) and Sietse (Orphax) van Erve. A brotherly effort to show their love for music. Out now on translucent vinyl in beautiful artwork designed by Rutger Zuydervelt with pictures by Jozef van Erve

Coen Oscar Polack – A Concrete Pasture

‘A Concrete Pasture’ by Coen Oscar Polack is the follow-up to ‘Haarlemmerhout’ (2020), an album named after a park close to his home in Haarlem in the Netherlands. ‘A Concrete Pasture’ brings Polack’s interest in exploring the larger world around him back into his music. Polack is a magician in combining field recordings from all over the world, be it a temple in Bangkok, the Dutch Wadden Islands or a the percussive Gamelan instruments, and electronic processing of these recordings. With all these ingredients he creates a vivid, nostalgic, futuristic but familiar world of sounds and emotions.

Gagi Petrovic – Unfold Yourself

After three previous releases Gagi Petrovic returns with his album Unfold Yourself. On this new album he presents a personal story, in his own unique style.

Eivind Lønning, Espen Reinertsen, Romke Kleefstra & Jan Kleefstra – IT DEEL II

IT DEEL is a four year project by the brother Romke & Jan Kleefstra in collaboration with Popfabryk. The underlying motive for this new project is the disastrous damage to the nature. Together with guest musicians the brothers work on new material in the Thomaskerk in Katlijk (Friesland, NL) which stands in relation to this theme of environmental decline.

For the second album IT DEEL II they collaborate with Eivind Lønning & Espen Reinertsen (both from Streifenjunko)

Dario Calderone – Isolario

Dario Calderone returns to the Contemporary Series with a new release Isolario. This time he presents 8 of his own compositions as duos with Tomas Järmyr, Neva Özgen, Barbara Ellison, Andy Moor, Kiay Tabassian, Gareth Davis, Deborah Walker and Botir Dosimbetov.

Isolario is released in the Contemporary Series on vinyl and digital, mastered by Jos Smolders, and comes in beautiful artwork designed in line with the Contemporary Series by Rutger Zuydervelt with extensive notes and graphic scores by Dario Calderone.