4 AM reviewed in Vital Weekly

Frans de Waard from Vital Weekly wrote a nice review for 4 AM by Small Things On Sundays:

SMALL THINGS ON SUNDAYS – 4AM (CDR by Moving Furniture Records)
One Henrik Bagner and one Claus Poulsen are behind Small Things On Sundays. They hail from Copenhagen, Denmark and create their music using guitar and vinyl. As a band they exist since 2005, “starting with free improvisations with electronic treatments of vinyl records in any tempo”, with a background for both of them in rock bands. Their ‘4AM’ release was recorded during various sessions using very slow speed on the turntable and a guitar played with a bow. Actually I must admit I didn’t realize this until I looked the information up on the label’s website. For all I knew until then it might have also been processed field recordings. I am not sure if the recordings were later on edited in one form or another, I assume so. The music is best described as very dark, very ambient and much drones. Its quite a fine release I thought. Nothing spectacular in the the world of drone music, which is hardly surprise, but its played with some great imagination. Maybe seven pieces/sixty two
minutes is a bit long I thought – in that respect the album lacked a bit of variation. Say four tracks/forty minutes would have made the same statement and most likely a better release. Still, this is a nice release for anyone who loves labels like Moving Furniture or Mystery Sea. (FdW)
Address: https://www.movingfurniturerecords.com

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