Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi – Terreng

With Terreng the duo of Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi present their first vinyl release. An overwhelming LP by this powerful duo on electronics and drums. A highly dynamic blend of improvisation, and a narrowly constructed electro-acoustic narrative.

Gareth Davis & Merzbow – Atsusaku

The musicians Gareth Davis and Merzbow both don’t really need an introduction. When we first heard about their collaboration interest was direct there. And now we are here to present you the first recorded collaboration by this duo on vinyl: Atsusaku. Atsusaku is the collaborative output of Gareth […]

A Vibrant Struggle – Between The Woods And Frozen Lake

The amazing album “Between The Woods And Frozen Lake” by “A Vibrant Struggle” which we mentioned last week already is now finally available. The cd-r is limited to 100 so it is advised to be quick  (for more info please read the previous post or click on the player above)