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Ryan van Haesendonck presents his debut album Vauville on Moving Furniture Records. After various compositions for short film and theatre a personal work.  


The compositions on this album started out after travelling to Normandy (France) where a week long I took inspiration on the quiet beaches listening to the sounds of the waves, the wind and the natural sounds. Starting out with field-recordings from church bells and improvised sessions on organ the idea arose to recreate the ever ongoing soundscapes of self-preservation as heard on those beaches. After moving from Antwerp to Brussels new inspiration came. New impressions from the city made me realize what what this work-in-progress needed. Together with new field-recordings from the hectic city and the saxophone recordings from Silke Bull led me to finalize this personal work.

It is a step away from earlier compositions recorded for short films, and dance theatre, and with that a much more personal story to tell. A story about collective being, living in solitary and a strive for self-preservation.

Ryan van Haesendonck
Brussels, December 2020.


Shuta Hiraki

The debut album by young Belgian Ryan Van Haesendonck, who has composed for short films, documentaries and dance theaters. Add the soundscapes of the soundscapes you heard on the beach when you traveled to Normandy to the sounds of gold there, improvisational organ sessions, field recordings in different environments such as Brussels, and silke bull sacks. A personal work drawn in. Although it is a compact work with 8 songs and 33 minutes, there is no hesitation at all, and the songs connected by subtle fades fully produce a relaxed flow of time and a calm image. Sustaining one sound, timing to add new elements to it, how to gently pull the curtain to one song and switch to the next scene, anyway, the sense of time allocation is refined (probably the experience of composing for short films, etc.) The finish is so wonderful that it has a lot of musical transitions and does not let go of the ambient listening sensation at all. In terms of the work, which originated from a personal image and was spelled out while reaching for some kind of story, it was also a work that made me feel close to the fact that I was looking at my own ” white charcoal ” while using miso in the foreground. The way to incorporate the performance of wind instruments such as saxophone is also wonderful, and I think that it can be seen as a work that succeeded in making the saxophone ambient sound in a completely different way from Sam Gendel (8th song of Ulla “Limitless Frame”). May be close). I think this is one of the works selected this time that is not widely recognized, so please listen to it.

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Ryan van Haesendonck

Ryan van Haesendonck is a young Belgian composer working from Brussels with a keen interest in cinema and sound-art. Vauville is his debut album after works for short film, documentary and dance theatre.

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