Ryan Van Haesendonck – Vauville

Ryan van Haesendonck presents his debut album Vauville on Moving Furniture Records. After various compositions for short film and theatre a personal work.  


The compositions on this album started out after travelling to Normandy (France) where a week long I took inspiration on the quiet beaches listening to the sounds of the waves, the wind and the natural sounds. Starting out with field-recordings from church bells and improvised sessions on organ the idea arose to recreate the ever ongoing soundscapes of self-preservation as heard on those beaches. After moving from Antwerp to Brussels new inspiration came. New impressions from the city made me realize what what this work-in-progress needed. Together with new field-recordings from the hectic city and the saxophone recordings from Silke Bull led me to finalize this personal work.

It is a step away from earlier compositions recorded for short films, and dance theatre, and with that a much more personal story to tell. A story about collective being, living in solitary and a strive for self-preservation.

Ryan van Haesendonck
Brussels, December 2020.

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Ryan van Haesendonck

Ryan van Haesendonck is a young Belgian composer working from Brussels with a keen interest in cinema and sound-art. Vauville is his debut album after works for short film, documentary and dance theatre.

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