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Sometime ago Brad Rose from Foxy Digitalis / Digitalis Industries asked if he could do an interview / questionnaire about Moving Furniture Records with me and of course I was really happy to do so.

This week the Label Spotlight got posted on the Foxy Digitalis website.

Label spotlight: Moving Furniture Records
I admit that the way I discovered Moving Furniture Records probably makes me a little biased, but what the hell, right? Label boss Sietse Van Erve has been a longtime customer and confidant of Digitalis, so when we found out he was starting a label we had pretty high hopes. I mean, he was a fan of what we were putting out and obviously I think Digitalis has perfect taste, so… The good news is that Sietse definitely lived up to those expectations. Moving Furniture is off to a great start with loads of soaring drones and subterranean tones from the likes of Freiband and Erstlaub. Based on what he has to say here, I’d say 2010 is going to be a banner year for the label. Scope it.

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