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Today we had the presentation of the the new album Divergence by Zeno van den Broek during our showcase at Vechtclub XL in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
The day was really nice with three great performances by Orphax, Hellvete and Zeno van den Broek and breaks in the Sun outside.

It is now also possible to order the LP directly from our shop and of course you can stream the full album now.

The album comes as limited LP and download.
There are also 5 special edition test pressings in painted covers by Zeno van den Broek himself, but these have already sold (one is on hold, if does’t get sold you can read about it on our facebook page this week).

“Divergence” explores the tension between space and sound induced by their manipulated representation: sounds alter, calibrate and form space while simultaneously the sound is formed and manipulated by the space it is placed in. The album is based on pure sound sources such as sine waves and white noise. These sounds are physically manipulated and destroyed by the use of tape in order to form pulses, interferences and new wave forms. These manipulations create a divergence between the perception of sound and space: real and digital space interacting with pure and altered sound sources. The result is an intense sensory reaction and heightened spatial awareness through four movements.

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