Top 10 for 2009

Of course here there is also a top 10 of favourite albums. Again this year it had to wait until the last few days to be set. Besides those lovely releases that were released on Moving Furniture Records also a lot of other amazing releases came out. The fight was though, but eventually I came up with the following list:

1. Thomas Köner – La Barca
2. Asher – Miniatures
3. TU M’ – Monochromes Vol.1
4. Corey Fuller – Seas Between
5. Zelienople – Give It Up
6. The Puddle Parade – Origami
7. David Sylvian – Manafon
8. Darwinsbitch – Ore
9. Phill Niblock – Touch Strings
10. Greg Haines – Komarovo

The albums that made it so though until the last moment are the following ones:

Lawrence English – A Colour For Autumn
Starving Weirdos – B/P/M Series 1
Mountains – Etching
Natural Snow Buildings – Shadow Kingdom
Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek – Blank Grey Canvas Sky
SND – Atavism
EARLabs 3 – Helix
Elegi – Varde
Nicholas Szczepanik – The Chiasmus
Celer – Capri
Piotr Kurek – Lectures
Nackt Insecten – Quantum Odyssey
Robert Henke – Indigo_Transform
Xela – Heirs Of The Fire
Cam Deas – My Guitars Is Alive and It’s Singing
Es – Kesämaan Lapset
Daniel Menche – Kataract

The favourite EP’s and Singles of the year

Tomas Phillips – Six Notes
Stephen Spera – 4 {H2O}
Taylor Deupree – Weather And Worn
Ryota Kanasaki – [phonetilosophy] Richard Youngs – High Sun Energy / States of Time
Jana Winderen – Heated: Live in Japan

And at last there are the few reissues that were really needed:

Troum – Sigqan
Xela – The Illuminated
Richard Skelton – Marking Time
Six Organs of Admittance – RTZ
The Caretaker – Persistent Repetition Of Phrases

It was a great year.

See you all in 2010 again.


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