Masayuki Imanishi – Worn Tape

After several previous albums and collaborations with musicians such as Leif Elggren, Kouhei Matsunaga, Vampillia and The Body, with Worn Tape Japanese musician Masayuki Imanishi presents his first work for Moving Furniture Records. Worn Tape is released on CD and digital download and available in our shop here: […]

Tasos Stamou – Caveman

Tasos Stamou returns to Moving Furniture Records with his new album Caveman. Caveman is a recorded representative sample of Tasos Stamou’s live sound. Both tracks are complete extracts of improvised solo performances using his portable electroacoustic music studio. Both tracks have been carefully selected for their sound and […]

Distorted Nude – The Sprawl

Distorted Nude is the new project of Glenn Dick, who previously played as Find Hope In Darkness, and is part of the experimental ambient duo Klankdal. Where as Find Hope In Darkness his music was all computer based with some space for field-recordings, as Distorted Nude he has […]

Gagi Petrovic – dp[a] + hsh

dp[a] + hsh is the debut album for composer Gagi Petrovic. The album consists of two projects that were unrelated until now: dp[a] + hsh. Concept dp[a]  Dysprosody is a very rare speech disorder that can manifest itself in several ways, such as unconventional changes in pitch, volume […]

Frank Crijns – Shade Of Impulse

A bit later than anticipated we finally can present the new album by Frank Crijns: Shade Of Impulse. This is his first album for Moving Furniture Records, after a long standing career in improvised, jazz, contemporary, post-punk and electro-acoustic music. Shade Of Impulse For the music on this […]

Jean-Luc Guionnet & Miguel A. García Parkustomnie

Jean-Luc Guionnet & Miguel A. García – Parkustomnie

Parkustomnie documents the first part of the session that Jean-Luc Guionnet & Miguel a. García did in the conservatory Jesus Guridi in Vitoria Gasteiz in 2016 and is available on CD limited to 200 right now through our webshop here: The duo presents an intriguing combination of minimal […]

Haarvöl – Bombinate

Haarvöl is back with their second album for Moving Furniture Records: Bombinate. This is the first part in a trilogy which will be released over the coming year. Bombinate is released on CD in A5 artwork and digital, and is available in our shop here: After releasing Indite […]

Orphax & Machinefabriek – Weerkaatsing

Weerkaatsing is the first collaboration by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) and Sietse van Erve (Orphax), both active players in the Dutch experimental electronic music field. While their paths did cross many times at concerts either as visitors or as performing artists, never before these prolific musicians got together. Weerkaatsing […]

2.20 by Orphax

Orphax – 2.20

Moving Furniture Records is really excited to present the new album 2.20 by Orphax. Inspired by the work Vice Versa by Eliane Radigue on this album Orphax explores the various possibilities of drone music further. 2.20 is available on CD with download code and digital in our webshop […]

2.20 by Orphax

“Orphax – 2.20” reviewed in Vital Weekly.

Last weekend I was in Paris and visited the bookstore/gallery of Yvon Lambert. Quite some years ago he started a legendary publishing enterprise of prints and multiples by artists. At Lambert, safely beneath a glass cover, a copy of Eliane Radigue’s double 7” ‘Σ = a = b […]