Frans de Waard, Richard Youngs, Peter Johan Nyland – Onder/Stroom

Onder/Stroom is the first collaboration between Frans de Waard, Peter Johan Nÿland and Richard Youngs. The album is now available on vinyl and digital through our shop here: Listen on Spotify or iTunes About the album ‘Zonder Stroom’, meaning ‘sans electricity’, was a short-lived program curated by Extrapool with performances that […]

Fean – Fean

Fean is the collaboration between the people behind Piiptsjilling (Jan & Romke Kleefstra, Mariska Baars and Rutger Zuydervelt) and Sylvain Chauveau, Annelies Monseré and Joachim Badenhorst.  Their first album is out now on and available as CD and digital here: Listen on Spotify, iTunes or Deezer. About the album FEAN started […]

Jos Smolders – Spaces

On Spaces, the second album for Moving Furniture Records, the Dutch maestro Jos Smolders presents his electro-acoustic works based on field-recordings made in various spaces in museums. The result is an inspiring collection of musique concrete works. Spaces is released as Double CD and digital and available from […]

Matthijs Kouw – Obscurum Per Obscurius

With Obscurum Per Obscurius we see Matthijs Kouw return to Moving Furniture Records after a first record with Radboud Mens. Obscurum Per Obscurius is released on CD and digital and available here: Listen on Spotify, iTunes or Deezer. About The Album “The common matter of all things is […]

Jean-Luc Guionnet & Miguel A. García – Siticidelhous

Jean-Luc Guionnet & Miguel A. Garcia return to Moving Furniture Records with their second album Siticidelhous. Recorded during the same sessions at the conservatory Jesus Guridi in Vitoria Gasteiz in 2016 as their album Parkustomnie they further explore the possibilities of improvised church organ and electronic sounds. Siticidelhous […]

Orphax – Saxophone Studies

Orphax returns to Moving Furniture Records with his album “Saxophone Studies”. On this album he presents two different brain melting drone pieces based on saxophone recordings by James Fella and Jozef van Erve. The album is release on LP + CD, CD and digital and is available in […]

René Aquarius – Transmutation

Transmutation is the first solo album for René Aquarius (DNMF) for Moving Furniture Records, after Blight (Utech Records, 2016). For this album again he works with percussion to create dark and minimal electro-acoustic music.  Transmutation is released on CD and digital and available in our shop: About the […]

Bas van Huizen – Kulverzuchter

With Kulverzuchter Bas van Huizen returns to Moving Furniture Records for his third album. After the visceral and noisy releases Kluwekracht (2015) and Waanzintraan (2016) this album offers more minimal and ambient explorations. Kulverzuchter is released on CD and digital and available in our shop: About the album […]

BJNilsen – Focus Intensity Power

Focus Intensity Power is the new LP by BJNilsen, and available on vinyl and digital through our webshop:  About the album Nilsen, ever the exploratory sound experimenter, de facto exchanged his wax rain coat for the white laboratory mantle. On Focus Intensity Power he lets the machines rule […]

Martijn Comes & Giulio Aldinucci – Crystalline Tragedies / The Procession (distant motionless shores)

Martijn Comes & Giulio Aldinucci present their first collaborative split album for Moving Furniture Records.  This is out now and available on LP and digital through our webshop: Or listen on Spotify About the album What defines a collaboration? For their first collective release, Martijn Comes and Giulio […]