BJNilsen – Focus Intensity Power

Focus Intensity Power is the new LP by BJNilsen, and available on vinyl and digital through our webshop:  About the album Nilsen, ever the exploratory sound experimenter, de facto exchanged his wax rain coat for the white laboratory mantle. On Focus Intensity Power he lets the machines rule […]

Martijn Comes & Giulio Aldinucci – Crystalline Tragedies / The Procession (distant motionless shores)

Martijn Comes & Giulio Aldinucci present their first collaborative split album for Moving Furniture Records.  This is out now and available on LP and digital through our webshop: Or listen on Spotify About the album What defines a collaboration? For their first collective release, Martijn Comes and Giulio […]

Preliminary Saturation – You Are The Universe

It was late 2004 when Spanish label CONV released Textures and Mobiles, by Jos Smolders, in a limited run of only 100 CDr’s. This amazing album was based on a limited set of sounds: dtmf and ccitt tones that were generated by telephones and pure sine waves that […]

Haarvöl – Peripherad Debris

Peripherad debris is the second release of the Haarvöl trilogy started with “Bombinate”. If in Bombinate we announced a sonorous intentionality – bombinate means: make a low, vibrating, humming sound – now, halfway through the tripartite journey, we define a path – peripherad debris means: toward the periphery as […]

Ilia Belorukov – Nobody Ever Escaped From There

With “Nobody Ever Escaped From There” Ilia Belorukov returns with the follow up album to “There Was Hardly Anybody There” (Spina!Rec, 2016). Again he returns to electro-acoustic studio works, stepping outside his customary world of improvised saxophone. Nobody Ever Escaped From There is released on CD and digital […]

Cinema Perdu Amsterdam CS

Cinema Perdu – Amsterdam CS

After Interventions In A Landscape Cinema Perdu returns with a new work Amsterdam CS. For this album he reworked field-recordings made at Amsterdam Central Station creating his own cinematic sound world. Amsterdam CS is released as CD and digital and available from our webshop here: Amsterdam Central Station Amsterdam CS consists […]

DNMF – Smelter

Prolific experimental music purveyor Machinefabriek and droning free jazz combo Dead Neanderthals team up for the second DNMF album entitled ‘Smelter‘. Clocking in at nearly 40 minutes, Smelter is a highly dynamic amalgam of metal, drone and dark ambient and is hard to compare to anything else out […]

Philipp Bückle – Paintings

Paintings, after Sketches (Magnetic Purely) and Drawings (Invisible City Recordings), represents the last work in a trilogy marking the re-emergence of Philipp Bückle as a musician. Paintings is available is released on vinyl LP and digital and available in our webshop here: Paintings by Philipp Bückle After burying […]

Machinefabriek – Dwaal/Wold+

With a lot of excitement Moving Furniture Records is proud to present reissue of the beautiful work Dwaal/Wold by Machinefabriek as Dwaal/Wold + with new versions by Nicola Ratti and Benoît Pioulard. Dwaal/Wold + is released as CD and digital and available in our webshop here:  Dwaal / […]