Two new reviews for Rose & Sandy

Today there were all of a sudden two new lovely reviews for Rose & Sandy – Play Cat’s Cradle. The first is to be found at the EtherREAL website, which is in French Non, Rose and Sandy ne sont pas deux jeunes femmes. Derrière ce pseudo se cache […]

Pictures of Rose & Sandy Live in Glasgow in Early December

Today I found two pictures of the live set that Rose & Sandy performed early December, 2010 for the Cryptic Nights showcase The Zither The duo at work (Rose on the left and Sandy on the right) The pictures have been taken by Tamara Polajnar (click for more […]

Touching Extremes Reviews Ubeboet – Archival

An excellent review for Ubeboet – Archival on Massimo Ricci’s website Touching Extremes. Miguel Angel Tolosa’s music navigates the large estuary where the waters of drones, field recordings and intelligent looping generate dangerous undercurrents. Rarely – make that “never” – you’ll be able to deem one of his […]

Rose & Sandy Play Cat’s Cradle reviewed in Vital Weekly

The new Rose & Sandy album Play Cat’s Cradle got reviewed in Vital Weekly today. It is a really lovely one. ROSE & SANDY – CAT’S CRADLE (CD by Moving Furniture Records) Of course Rose & Sandy are not Rose & Sandy, but a duo of Ruaridh Law […]

Rose & Sandy Play Cat’s Cradle

Behind this name which suggests two ladies working together we find two of Scottish finest musicians: Ruaridh Law (TVO/The Village Orchestra, Accrual and more) and Dave Donnelly (The Production Unit and more). While they both have their feet in beat driven music for their project Rose & Sandy […]

Interview in QRD magazine

For the Silber Media magazine QRD I have done a Q&A interview about Moving Furniture Records. Along side great people like Mr. Kranky from Kranky Records, Wim Lecluyse from Morc Records and many others I got my own place at the site. It mainly deals with how MFR […]

Rose & Sandy play Cat’s Cradle pre-order

As posted earlier the Rose & Sandy play Cat’s Cradle cd is about to come out very soon (we had some delays with artwork and such). It is expected to arrive mid November, right in time to celebrate Moving Furniture Records’ second birthday. Rose and Sandy play Cat’s […]

Preview for the forth-coming album of Rose & Sandy

By the end of September the first official CD  release by Rose & Sandy will be come out. This will be an album with almost 40 minutes of processed zither drones. Here is a small preview (the first 6 minutes) to give you an idea of what for […]