Zeno van den Broek – Divergence

Today we had the presentation of the the new album Divergence by Zeno van den Broek during our showcase at Vechtclub XL in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The day was really nice with three great performances by Orphax, Hellvete and Zeno van den Broek and breaks in the Sun outside. It […]

Tapage & Espoir – Poetic Infomercial Experimentalism

Out now: Tapage & Espoir – Poetic Infomercial Experimentalism Poetic Infomercial Experimentalism by Tapage & Espoir Cassette Tape limited to 50. Buy your own copy at Bandcamp ‘Poetic Infomercial Experimentalism’ is a musical piece, consisting of two parts, that arose after Tapage (Tijs Ham) and Espoir (Roald van Dillewijn) […]

Haarvöl – Indite

Out now: Haarvöl – Indite Indite by Haarvöl Limited CD in ecopack style artwork. Order your own copy here:  https://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/indite Haarvöl, a collective project based in Portugal with three permanent members, has been active in the field of experimental music since the end of 2012. Haarvöl’s music is […]

Norn – Usotsuki [うそつき]

Out now: Norn – Usotsuki [うそつき] Usotsuki [うそつき] by Norn CD + Artbook, limited to 100 handmade copies. Order your own copy at Bandcamp The melancholic ambient of Norn – a project that features Distel’s Peter Johan Nÿland – recounts lingering dreams of fog-ridden landscapes, desolate, monumental cities and […]

Orphax – Under The Dutch Sky

On December 8th Orphax had to perform at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. During practicing in the weeks prior to the concert he decided to make one recording and have this released as special CD-R release with the concert. The result of this recording session you can hear on […]

Find Hope In Darkness – Locked So Tightly In Our Dreams

Moving Furniture Records is very proud to present the debut CD for Find Hope In Darkness, which is the alias of the 15 year old musician Glenn Dick from Ghent, Belgium. Locked So Tightly In Our Dreams is his first CD release after two download only releases. Where […]