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May 23th will see the release of the new release by the Dutch musician Machinist which goes by the name Of What Once Was

The fourth full length record by Machinist, Of What Once Was, comprises of two tracks with a combined running time of 55 minutes. The diptych consists of the tracks ‘mono tone in d’ and ‘of what once was’.

Mono tone in d is inspired by the concept of the ‘Monotone Symphony’ (1949) by French artist Yves Klein. In this composition a chamber orchestra plays only one note for twenty minutes, followed by an equal measure of silence.
Machinist takes up this concept as a premise on which he builds an electric guitar piece in d, with the only variation being the length of tones and different shapes of resonance.
Of what once was is a live improvised piece, a bookend and closing performance recording of a series of shows following the release of the album Viens Avec Moi Dans Le Vide (2010, Betontoon). The piece marks the transition in the sonic adventures of Machinist from guitar based drone work into new and as of yet uncharted territories and unknown spatiality. The red thread throughout the album is the use of electric guitar as a means to embark on a sonic quest for the tension between spatial sound and tonality of field recordings and the, per se, non-spatiality of computer-generated tones and noise and the inherent resonance(s) of the electric guitar and amplifier(s). These aspects all coalesce in the listening space where the listener experiences the sonic and spatial factors inherent in both pieces of ‘Of What Once Was’.

Listen and purchase on Bandcamp

You can order by sending an email to All orders will be send out on May23th, though if you want the CD earlier you can also come to Kaizerfest at Zaal100 in Amsterdam on May13th, where Machinist will be playing.

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