Codespira1 – Artefact


Today we present the new album Artefact by Codespira1 on CD.

Codespira1 is the alias of the Stockholm based composer Mattias Petersson. After finishing several years of classical piano studies in the mid-nineties, he eventually ended up in the Swedish capital holding a diploma in electroacoustic composition from the Royal College of Music there. The Codespira1 moniker was inspired by a documentary about fractals in nature, and was originally conceived as a placeholder for electronic live performances recorded more or less as one-takes in the studio. Usually the main tools were different SuperCollider patches and a modular system. Since then Codespira1 has also played out at various live events and the concept has been expanded to encompass even longer composition processes. Mattias has previously released albums under his own name as well as with the duo “there are no more four seasons”, but this release on Moving Furniture will be his first as Codespira1.

The album Artefact is a set of pieces that resembles a life cycle of the subconscious imagined as an articulated drone. During the course of life, various events gradually build up a library of memories. In many ways they define our emotions, making us for example more sensitive to certain stimuli than others. Unexpected, profound resonances might occur when we find ourselves in new situations and several of those memories seem to merge into one. A shift in our subconscious drone happens and something new takes shape. An artefact – both in the sense of a “found object” and as a glitch in the system.

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