Christopher McFall mentioned in top list for 2009

Red is the color of price by relation got mentioned in the top list for 2009 by Daniel Crokaert from Mystery Sea/Unfathomless on the and/OAR website. See all lists over at

Top 10 for 2009

Of course here there is also a top 10 of favourite albums. Again this year it had to wait until the last few days to be set. Besides those lovely releases that were released on Moving Furniture Records also a lot of other amazing releases came out. The […]

Jos Smolders – The Drone Gnome reviewed at EARLabs

The Drone Gnome by Jos Smolders got a rating from 7/10 on Reviewer Thierry Lemmers says his words about the release… Drones are a bit like mice. Like the mildly disturbing but indiscernible creatures they are, they seem to have pervaded every nook and cranny of the […]

Erstlaub – Broadcasting On Ghost Frequencies at Sonomu

Stephen Fruitman wrote a nice review on Broadcasting On Ghost Frequencies by Erstlaub at his website This excellent work was inspired by a bit of quackery known as the ”Ganzfeld Procedure” in the field of parapsychology. A subject is blindfolded and equipped with a pair of headphones […]