Pre-orders for Modelbau, Orphax and Gareth Davis & Merzbow now available

We have started the pre-orders for three new upcoming releases. By pre-ordering you support us with the production of these releases. Modelbau – Four Squared Wheel (CD) Four Squared Wheel by Modelbau Orphax – Time Waves (CD) Time Waves by Orphax Gareth Davis & Merzbow – Atsusaku (LP) […]

Bas van Huizen – Kluwekracht

As part of CD-R Day today we release the new album by Bas van Huizen: Kluwekracht. This is his first album for Moving Furniture Records. Kluwekracht is released as limited CD-R in lovely full color A5 sized artwork in an edition of 50. All placed orders will be […]

300 Basses – Tria Atoma

Today we have to official release of Tria Atoma by 300 Basses. On Tria Atoma the trio of Jonas Kocher, Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Luca Venitucci present three new pieces of improvised accordion. The result is a intense microtonal drone journey. Tria Atoma is released on limited CD and digital […]

Pre-order 300 Basses – Tria Atoma

After quite some delay with the artwork we have finally started, a month later than anticipated, to take pre-orders for Tria Atoma by 300 Basses. It will ship around November 28th. 300 Basses is the accordion trio of Jonas Kocher, Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Luca Venitucci. On Tria Atoma […]

D’Incise – O esplendor natural das coisas e inferno

Today MFR presents their 21st release (with number 20 still to come later this month) which is the first release for Swiss musician D’Incise on MFR. D’Incise – O esplendor natural das coisas e inferno O esplendor natural das coisas e inferno is released as limited CD-R of 50 copies […]

DNMF – DNMF (Dead Neanderthals & Machinefabriek)

Today the is the release of the new DNMF LP which is the debut by the Machinefabriek and Dead Neanderthals collaboration. We present it tonight at STEIM in Amsterdam, together with a performance by Nicola Ratti. If you can’t be there you can still order it through the […]

Accrual – Cheophiori

Today two new release available, one shipping directly and one in pre-order. With the first being the long awaited reissue of the debut release by Scottish duo Accrual.  MFR018: Accrual – Cheophiori Out now Accrual “Cheophiori” on limited to 100 cassette. Available at Bandcamp here. Cheophiori by Accrual Accrual is […]

DNMF debut album out on September 11th

A small announcement that on September 11th the debut album of DNMF (Dead Neanderthals + Machinefabriek) will be released. DNMF is a 3-headed monstrosity from the Netherlands consisting of Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) and Otto Kokke & René Aquarius (aka Dead Neanderthals). Drawing energy from ancient cosmic entities, […]

Orphax – Oniscus Asellus (reissue)

MFR017: Orphax – Oniscus Asellus First released in 2003 as mp3 release now for the first time ever also available on a CD-R format. For this reissue the music has been remastered in April 2014. In this master the lovely details in this music come closer to the surface making […]

TVO – Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands Pt. 1)

MFR016: TVO – Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands pt 1) This is the third installment in the Portrait Series. Simply put, Dileab Cholbhasach is the soundtrack to the book of the same name, by my mother, Morag Law. It was published last year bilingually in Gaelic and English and […]