A Vibrant Struggle – Between the Woods and Frozen Lake reviewed in Foxy Digitalis.

Between The Woods and Frozen Lake by A Vibrant Struggle got reviewed at Foxy Digitalis:

Here we have “Between the Woods and Frozen Lake,” the tenth(!) release from A Vibrant Struggle’s “Molten Snow Tapes” sessions, once again composed from the fruits of piles of tapes that were collected over the course of a single weekend in an abandoned ski resort back in September of 2007. Foxy Digitalis reviewed an earlier installment from the Norwegian trio on the Small Doses label called “Whispering Bones,” in which Ryan Emmett allowed his imagination to take hold with visions of an old man in a knit sweater, brutally hunting reindeer for survival with ice picks in the freezing cold. If that old man was cognizant of his surroundings throughout “Whispering Bones,” perhaps “Between the Woods and Frozen Lake” finds that same burly white-bearded fellow holed up in his cabin several days later, fat (from reindeer), subdued and drunkenly confused, maybe even letting his guard down a little…..

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