Today we present you the second edition in the Potrait Series with the addition of The Four Elements by Staplerfahrer. In the Portrait Series an artist presents a new work wich will be released as 3″ EP coming with a card with a picture of the artist on it (the portrait) send in a small envelope with the address of the customer (which is part of the whole set).

Listen to and buy the EP on Bandcamp for 7 euro (excl. shipping)

The Four Elements that I refer to here, is a cassette that came out on Korm Plastics back in 1990. On its cover it showed a visual score by Frans de Waard and it featured six musical interpretations of the score by acts like THU20, Kapotte Muziek and Massimo Toniutti. That visual score always intrigued me and for years I’ve been carrying it along in my mind with the intent to make a musical piece for it… someday. So finally, you have my 20-minute version in your hands. The original score lasted for 7 and a halve minute but I have taken that “carrying in mind” part to another level: I didn’t look back anymore to the original score but instead started using the score that had been maturing in my head.

Staplerfahrer is the artistic moniker for Steffan de Turck, a Dutch sound artist from Tilburg, The Netherlands, who plays around with crunched and broken sounds, circuit bended gadgetry and electro-magnetic waves…and some weightlifting with powerbooks along the way.
Steffan de Turck has been working in the field of electronic music since the beginning of the nineties and has released a bunch of solo and collaborative works all over the place.

The 3″ CD-R is limited to 50.
This is MFR015
The Portrait Series 002

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Upcoming releases in The Portrait Series are by TVO, Matto Frank and Machinist.
Soon more to be added.