Moving Furniture Records is a label based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specialized in releasing experimentalMoving Furniture Records Logo electronic music. The label started in October 2008 by Sietse van Erve. We are mostly interested in drones, minimalist, microtonal and field-recordings music.
Moving Furniture Records has released music by both renowned, musicians such as Frans de Waard, Jos Smolders and  DNMF, as (young) new talent such as Find Hope In Darkness, Rose & Sandy and Haarvöl.
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Further we do organize shows in Amsterdam, mostly with a focus on electronic and electro-acoustic music. In the past we also put on shows for psychedelic and experimental guitar music.
All events we organise and of the artists involved with Moving Furniture Records can be found on our live page.

Demo policy

Before we start talking about demos: we have a schedule running to the begin of 2018. So we do accept demos but chance is small we will releases it. We accept demos only through a private streaming link on Soundcloud (this does not have to be the full releases, but with 10 minutes we usually know if we like it or not). If we like what we hear we will ask for a download of a full album. If we don’t want to release it you will always receive feedback why not. This can sound bitchy but we mean it in a constructing way, which we hope helps you getting where we think you should be.

If you do want to send us your demo please keep your mail short. We want to know who you are, what you want to present, what you have done before, why you want to release on MFR and why you think it fits within the MFR catalog (be creative and surprise us). But please keep it below 250 words.
When you send us a demo please always to provide your full name, we don’t like replying to anonymous e-mails.

While Moving Furniture Records is not a political movement, we do not release music by racists, bigots, people who are anti-LGBTIQA, sexists, religious fanatics or other people who discriminate others for who they are. In this case, you know who you are, please do not send us your demo. You just don’t fit in with our label. 

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